Hayk Khochikyan

-Open the door!

I opened the door and saw ots of policeman standing in front of the house. They show me a picture of a person I had seen on TV several minutes ago. He seemed to be a dangerous robber who robbed the central bank at night and escaped with millions of dollars. His name was Alen. The police officers told me that if I found him they would give me 10,000$ and a medal. I agreed and asked to give me 24 hours to catch him. After the police leaved I rang to my friends and told them to come. Teamwork is better than doing everything alone that’s why. I wanted to have a team. In my team I had a haker, Mike, a strong guy, Artur, a very smart person whose name is Tony and my friend Jim with whom I was playing in childhood and who was my best friend in school that’s why I had to call him and ask him to come. When my team arrived we made a plan. Mike would coinnect us to all the cameras in the city so I could see the target. Using that information Tony would count and find out where Alen hides. After that me Jim and Arthur would go and catch him. We started to work. It took Mike an hour to write the program and 3 hours to find the target. Then after some hard calculations Tony found a place where Alen was hiding. It was an old, abandoned factory which used ot produce metal tools. It was clear that Alen had a a gun so I got mine too. We set info my car and drove to the factory. I will be honest I was terrified when entering the factory. I think my friends were tooo because Jim was shaking and had such a face I won’t forget ever. When we enterd the factory no one was there. After we searched in al in a wall we found a bag full of gold and money. Just at that money I heared a shoot and Jim lied on the floor. Within a second I got my gun off and made 3 shoots. A huge body falled off the second floor and died without making a single breath. It was Alen who shot at my friend and who got shots from me. After he was killed my only problem was to save Jim. We get himto the hospital with a speed of 200 Km/hr! We went to the best doctor and only after the doctor said he was safe and will live we finally left him at the hospital and went to the factory. You won’t believe but there was no gold where we left it. The gold misteriously dissappeard. And no one knew where it was.

After 1 months we were invited to the city hall. Jim was already feeling good though thte doctor told him he had to wait some time before getting as good as he was. In the city hall we got metals and th award which we gave to Jim. Everybody was happy except me. I was stil guessing where did that gold go…