Every morning, a bird lands on your window and pecks at the glass. It is your alarm clock. One morning, it doesn’t appear. Instead, there is a note. What does it say?

Celina, Chen Lin

Every morning when I woke up, I can see a beautiful bird landing on my window. She has colorful feather, and colorful eyes. Every morning I’ll say hello with her and tell her something about my mind. One morning, I can’t find her anywhere. At first, I don’t think there is a problem. I wonder maybe she doesn’t want to come to me today. Maybe I can see her tomorrow. But I have a strange dream that night. I dream that the bird is singing, and I can understand what she is singing. I call her to come near, but she neglect me and fly into the forest. I try to follow her and run faster and faster, and suddenly I fall into a trap. And a ghost with bloody face is coming for me. I am so afraid and I hear someone is calling my name. Suddenly I wake up and find I am on my bed. I go to the window and see a note. It is left yesterday. There is only one sentence on the note. “Save me”. I feel so complex I think maybe the bird is in danger and I must save her.

So I look around my house, trying to find her, but I can’t find anything. The next night, I go to bed early and have another dream. I see the bird again. She is still singing. But I suddenly see there is a hidden eye on her head. She has try eyes! How strange. I try to catch her, but she flies higher and higher. I am so nervous and ask her where’re you going. And she suddenly open her mouth and say: “Save me”. I wake up immediately. What does it mean? What can I do to save her. Why I always have this strong dream. Suddenly, I hear a bird is singing on my window. I open my window and see that beautiful bird. I try to tough her. But she catch my arms and takes me fly in the sky. Wooh, that’s amazing. It that moment, I look at the bird. She gradually become a beautiful lady. I try to ask her “who are you” she says: “Save me”. And I drop down in my bed. Suddenly, I hear someone is calling my name. I open my eye and find I was still in dream just now. I feel so complex. I can’t recognize where am I. I don’t know whether I am still in my dream or not. I try to get up and go in front of the mirror. I find I became a bird that is in colorful feather and there are three eyes on my face. I am so afraid and I fly outside and see a girl staring under the tree. I shout to him “ Save me” but he cant hear me. So I fly into the forest. I see that girl run toward me but she suddenly follow into a trap I try to get her out of the trap but I see a ghost with bloody face So I fly away immediately, terrified. I am so hungry and thirsty. I fly in the forest whole day. The second day, I see that girl again, lying on her bed. I sing loudly in order to wake her up. But she can’t hear me. I catch her arm and want to take her away. But she suddenly open her eyes and say to me, “Save me!” I am so afraid and lose her arms. “Save me!” “Save me!” “Save me!” The two words haunt in my head. I fly in front of a mirror and find the girl I see just now is standing opposite the mirror. Finally I understand that we are each other. And we say together: “Save me!”