You are watching TV one day and see that your face is on the news. The news anchor is saying your name, and that you are wanted by the police! You’re getting very confused when, suddenly, an identical version of you appears in your doorway!

Roger Zapata

The story that I’m about to tell changed my life, I’m Tyler, I live in a small town in South America.  Everything started in the summer of 2012.  I was with my family on a picnic, my two brothers Josh and Bendon were playing hide and seek while my mom and my dad were prepairing the food.  I was feeling so happy because, I studied in a university far from home and it was my last day of vacation; so I was enjoying every single moment.  We ate too much and then we returned back to the house, my house is not so big, it’s small and warm but I felt so blessed because my family had always been there to support every decision I took.  It was time to say goodbye, so I packed my bags and said goodbye to my two little brothers and my parents.  – Oh, I’m going to miss them a lot, I thought and I got in my car, I spent 4 hours driving, I bought a coffee to keep me awake, It was starting to get dark  The sunset behind the trees was beautiful, and just when I was falling asleep a lightning hit the car, I saw a bright green light that blinded me for a second, I was shocked, and suddenly a man came out of nowhere, I couldn’t see his face but in the blink of my eyes he disappeared, – I’m very tired it must be only an illusion – I thought so I kept driving until I finally arrived.  My apartment was nice, perfect size for me, I turned on the TV, something weird because I never watch TV, I was preparing the dinner.

When I heard in the news that somebody was wanted by the police, I got closer to the TV and I was shocked.  I SAW MY FACE IN THE TV!  , I was very confused when suddenly the floor started to shake, all my things fell to the floor and broke, my paintings, my portraits and even my TV! , I saw the green light again, and it was the same man I saw when I was driving, this time I saw his face, He was an identical version of me but a little bit older, He took me through some kind of dimensional portal, and we appeared in an enourmous city, there were flying cars, high skyscrapers robots and even flying houses. – Who are you and where are we – I asked, He said – I am you, I’m Tyler and you are in the capital of Megatropolis, This is the future, Time travels are a new technology and we are experimenting with it, but something very bad happened and we needed to bring you.

– Wait…why were you in the news, I asked

– Well it is my first “time travel” so I wasn’t able to control it and I cause a car accident, And the police took a picture of my face, that was very risky.

We went to a big house where I saw Josh and Brendon – They are my brothers – I screamed, They were very surprised to see me.  – Where is mom and dad?, I asked

– They saddly died, they were murdered by the darkness. I dindn’t know what they meant with “the darkness”  So the told me – This city was a happy city, we lived in peace, everything was perfect, there were no illnesses or problems, but in the other side of the city “the darkness” ruled, they are a civilization half human – half demon, we had a deal no one can cross the line that divided the light from the darkness, but one day the darkness broke that rule, and darkness is getting bigger every day  That’s why we brought you, Only a pure heart like yours can save us from death.

They implanted a chip in my head, suddenly I started to get stronger a light came out of my body I remembered my family and all the love they gave me So I took a sword and went to fight the darkness  I BEATED IT.