Would you rather explore space or the oceans? Why?


Because in the year 1919 there was a fight over a single star and I went into the space and find out why that only that star was like gold and every body was fighting over its. When I went the moon the star and sun was sharing things among themselves that was amazing and after I left there was an esclipe that the three planet begin to decrease their light and there was hammer that have wizard spirit and began t make thing beautiful. that day all kind of living thing sing and dance to priase the hammer he got anniode and shout why, why, why, why ther all stop the priases and sleep that is why I like to explore thing thing in the space over that the prisident of Gambia gives dollar’s of money the first man who go­to the space he discoverd things like how sientic work with the weather and othe planet this is “Mr Omega” often he was dead and burid on 2007 in June there was a big crowd gatherd cried out for the late Mr Omega and showerse of blessing rian on his family and children.