What would you give your country for its birthday?

Sandro Kavtaradze, Batumi, Ajara

All we want for our country is peace and everyone knows it, we want our territories back and this is well-known for all the people who have ever been in Georgia.  However, I’d not give my country kind of millitary missiles or kind of special stick, by which my country could bring back the old mightiness – No!

The only thing, I think which would be more significant for my country and we may say “profitable”, would be big and ordinary mirror, I repeat not magic or kind of special mirror, just the mirror we have in our houses, to look in… And do you know why?  Just because on every sun rise, in every beautiful morning, my country would look in the mirror and my country would see itself.  Then, Georgia would see every single minus it has got, would see that occupated territories the problems we have, and Georgia would adjust it’s hair, would brush it’s teeth, would sprew new smells on itself.  And, would try and I’m sure Georgia would find and solve the problems in it’s heart, in it’s head and in it’s soul.  Wouldn’t try to blame only other countries, but would try to find the keys to decide all the problems in his body.  I know, my country won’t like many in mirror about itself, so new haircut would make all the problems out of my country and would add new possibilities and positives, or every brushed teeth would clean all the evilness and poorness in people, the new hand-watch would bring back occupated territories and new hat would protect them like a shield.  New clothes would protect and make modern my country and the crest, which would bless my country by the God.  I think that nowadays, my country has the mirror, but don’t know how to watch in it.  I hope and I know my country and Georgians will learn how to look in the mirror, everything will be all right and Georgia will become as honest and big as it was once upon a time.