You wake up, go to the bathroom and look in the mirror.  A different face looks back at you…

Ivan Krasimirov Savov, Silistra

When I saw that weird face, staring at me from the bathroom mirror, I hit myself. I could feel the pain – so it wasn’t a dream. It wasn’t a joke, too, because that person in the mirror wasn’t a friend of mine. He was a complete stranger. Actually, I didn’t know if that person in the mirror was “he”, “she”, or “it”, because “he”, “she”, or “it” was wearing a mask and I wasn’t sure he, she, or it was a stranger because I couldn’t see the face of that creature which is normally for a person who wears a mask.

I touched my face. No, I was not wearing a mask. So that wasn’t me. I stepped forward. The other person stepped backward. I looked at the mask and realized that it was his real face – green scales, yellow eyes, pointed ears… Then I looked at his hands, also covered with scales. He was holding something, something sharp and shining, maybe an axe. The creature smiled. Its mouth was full of sharp, long teeth. Then it picked up the axe and started hitting the mirror. It wanted to kill me. I started to run, went to the garage and took my father’s rifle. I was alone at home and I had to survive.

I went back to the bathroom. The creature was about to break the mirror. I was ready.

The creature hit the glass for the last time and I heard a terrible sound, millions of pieces of glass flew away. I had no time to waste, the creature jumped through the window but I hit it with the rifle. It fell on the floor and I shot it.

I realized the creature was something between a lizard and a man. Unfortunately, I was too curious. I jumped through the broken mirror and fell on the soft ground…

I looked around. I was inside an enormous jungle in the middle of nowhere. Holding my rifle I followed a narrow path through the jungle and I reached a small village. But the houses in this village weren’t normal. They were made of gigantic pieces of rock. In the center of this village there was a small house made of bricks and wood and it was quite normal. I entered that house. In the middle of the only one room was sitting a tall man with long white beard. When he saw me he couldn’t believe that I was real. He started poking me and in the end he realised I was real. I asked him for his name.

“My name is Charles Darwin.” I couldn’t believe. Darwin! I thought he was dead.

I sat next to him and he explained me everything. During his experiments he tried to build up a time machine. With that machine he could prove his theory for the rate of evolution. The machine had looked like a simple mirror. But something had messed up.

“I found a new world. Here the rate of evolution had made the dinosaurs clever. They think like, walk like, and speak like people,” said Darwin.

“Why didn’t you go back?” I asked him.

“The portal disappeared and I started studying these wonderful creatures.” I told him the portal has appeared again.

“Do you want to come back with me” I asked him.

“Which year is in your world” he asked.

“2012” I replied.

“I’m afraid I’m dead in 2012, but I have no choice. I’ll come.”

Darwin followed me to the portal. We went through it. But when Darwin stepped on the bathroom floor, he just disappeared. His body became dust and fell on the floor just next to the body of the dead half-a-man, half-a-dinosaur, the real proof for his theory.