You wake up, go to the bathroom and look in the mirror. A different face looks back at you…

Goulchin Muradova

Once upon a time a beautiful girl Goulshin in the wonderland, woke up, and when she looked in the mirror, saw the girl that she’s not know. She was in shock! How could happen this? She wanted to save herself from other, because she was not the same. And start to wear speacially dresses where people couldn’t see her face. But Goulchin’s mother Mehriban :) gave to her advice that we must not hide ourselves. And you must show your new face to others. She started to cry, because she never wasso ugly. And after she called her best friend Fatima to see her. Fatima looked and said u’re always beautiful for me. And Goulchin showed her face to others, some said you’re look like “witch, but some “your beautiful, new face is bether :)

It was just my fantasy, but in the true life, if I wake up and will see someone, that I don’t know, maybe I’ll cut my face or kill myself :)))). And maybe I’ll go to my school and just for surprise will say “Hi, I’m new Goulchin. Of course they will not believe me. But it will be good to change my face, to look like you’re different every day. I will like how it feels, and now want to have a new face :) OMG, that’s will be so crazy!

But if I’ll talk seriously about it when people start to lie in every step, that’s change them. In my opinion, the start to see some other in mirror. And it’s the (with same the) people who don’t listen to her parent, want to be just free, take drugs, smoke. It’s change them. Not only in the mirror, but everywhere. And after a lot of year, they understand that changed, and (it’s no) the can replay their life.

And go back, I wake up and see different face? It’s like in the horror films :) I must wash myface, and look after, it will be the same, just (in the) like in the movies :). It’s will be good it I will havea new face, it will not kill me, I will live my life, with different face. And it’s mean, what doesn’t killme, make me stronger. Just with my new face :)