If you would choose to be an ocean, a river, a lake or a stream, which would you choose to be and why?

If I can chose I’ll be a river. I’ll chase fish to the ocean. I’ll be the largest and the strongest river in the world. When someone want to cross me I’ll punch him in the face and he will get a strong sholer. I’ll let onli animals near me. But when something go to the toilet in my water there will be no mursi. If somebody try to catch my fish

I’ll …

But I’ll not always be like that. I want to be beutiful and powerful like the Niagara. My enamies will be the people. They will leave their grbidge in me. If somebody put his trash in me I’ll kidnap his hoise and destroed it. But if the hous is cool I’ll keep it for myself. When I fith with another river when we cros and tho other river beat me I’ll say “D’oh” and if there is a female river I’ll come next to her and tell her: “How you doin?” or something stuped like that but she will punch me and leave. But if I like a river that river like another river and the other river like me well tha is called a Turkey film.

I want to listen to the birds, to live in a amazing forest. I thing that this is to live. There will be and a dificul times when the Earth will be a one step close to the end but we will survive. Every one will live happy when I am around. :)

I will fith tournados. Ecpesialu the evil ones that kidnapt houses. I will give them the houses tha I take from the people that don’t like the nature.

And once again I’ll rule the world! Oh No! I wont rule the world. I don’t want to. I want avery one to love me.

And once again I’ll be loved and live hapy for evver.